Sacred Chao Tattooing & Piercing

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Progress on lovely Natalie’s sunflowers 🌻 by Mal
@alien_snot  (at Sacred Chao Tattooing & Piercings)
Cheryl came in so I snapped a couple pictures of her healed finches!
Coverup by Travis.
Mal did Becky’s first tattoo this week! 
@alien_snot  (at Sacred Chao Tattooing & Piercings)
Zeek got to do this on Rachel today! 🐘 (at Sacred Chao Tattooing & Piercings)
Did you know it can take 6-12 months for a navel piercing to heal?
All the more reason to get pierced with something custom! for inquiries ❤️
here’s a little cutie pie that Zeek got to do! 
We’re pretty fully booked for today, but there are various openings throughout the week.
session 1 on some mandalas by Mal! 
Thanks Josi 🌸
Decaf the world! 
Mal got to do two of these on two super cute baristas Aly & Kristen
Thanks ladies ☕️
tentacle beast on Melanie by Zeek!
double tragus with gold titanium anodized posts by Mal
 Thanks Georgia!